CERIST leads PNR projects in Computer Science and Information and Communication Technology :

  1. Algorithms for tree automata, rational cores
  2. High Performance Computing by Finite Element. Implements
  3. Contribution to improve the performance of AD hoc networks
  4. Contribution to the integration and the evaluation of the operating safety of calculation systems.
  5. Contribution of vehicular networks and sensors to the management of risks.
  6. Digital convergence voice-data-image. Application to Triplay
  7. Reliability and congestion in communication Systems
  8. Formalization and improvement of service quality in computer systems
  9. Mathematical logic & imperfect knowledge 
  10. Description logic and ontologies
  11. Models for security of communication networks
  12. High level modeling and performance analysis of complex stochastic systems
  13. High level modeling, specification and verification of systems.
  14. Modeling and Verification of complex reactive systems.
  15. Spatial and temporal reasoning and description logics . Theory and practical applications
  16. Three-dimensional reconstruction of the spine
  17. Formal specification and performance analysis
  18. Operating safety and fault tolerance in ubiquitous computing systems
  19. Intelligent system for dynamic management of traffic lights.
  20. ICT for the Amazigh language.