URL : http://www.arn.dz/


The ARN network provides national and international connectivity and changes regularly depending on the evolution of technology and the capacity of the available infrastructures. This network allows, through product services developed by CERIST, to support the needs in specialized information network infrastructure.

ARN targets :

  • The development of the communication infrastructure. 
  • The integration of all document structures in order to build a technologic and software infrastructure.
  • The development of the technologic infrastructure for distance learning.
  • The integration of scientific computing means to build a computing network "GRID".

The ARN network includes all institutions in the field of science and technology . It is a national research network, interconnected to foreign networks of research and to internet.

National computing Grid: DZ e-Science GRID

The infrastructure of national scientific computing Grid aims to meet the needs of scientists that rely on computing and storage means in their scientific work.

Dz e-Science GRID , initiated in 2006 and  accessible through the ARN network, Z e-Science GRID aims to:

  • Gather a set of resources (CPU and storage disks)
  • Ensure the overall management of infrastructure for the access to the grid (authentication & authorization) and the allocation of resources,
  • Keep the overall system operational through  a package of monitoring services, organize and manage virtual organizations (VOs) through the website voms.grid.arn.dz. 

DZ e-Science CA

The infrastructure for managing digital certificates  is operational since September 2011. DZ e-Science CA  produces and issues digital certificates to authenticate people, servers, and services integrated into the national grid DZ e-Science GRID . The created DZ e-Science CA is also approved by international GRID authorities.