Information security is an important challenge in the field of new information technologies.

Regarding the important place occupied by the new information technologies in modern societies, information security is nowadays present in the areas of systems, contents and services in order to prevent, identify and reduce malicious attacks. The information security task is to ensure the integrity, the confidentiality, the availability and the traceability of data and their process. Security is an essential element in all Computer systems.

The Division of computer security is mainly aiming to acquire expertise and to suggest solutions to ensure a smooth operating of computer systems and to protect those systems from intruders.

The division seeks to participate in the development of the national network of scientific and technical information by leading research and development projects, and training.

The computer security division teams works include all of the following areas: systems,networks, data and applications.

Research areas:

  • Network Security
  • Cyber physical systems Security
  • Data security and privacy
  • Applications Security
  • Digital forensics


Information Filtering- Applied Cryptography and Encryption – keys Management –Digital Certification – Routing Security - Security of Sensor Networks - Internet of

Things Security - Cloud Computing Security - Anonymity in Electronic Communications –Data Anonymization – Privacy Protection – Malicious Codes Detection - Web

Applica-tions Security - Programs Statistical Checks..


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