The evolution of the Internet and the development of digital tools have revolutionized the production and the use of information in general and Scientific and Technical Information in particular.

The Scientific and Technical Information (STI) is the basic building block of society knowledge and thus, it becomes a digital content that must be made intelligible to everyone according to their specific needs while controlling the legal and the socio-economic environment related to digital technology.

With its multidisciplinary components and researchers specialized in computer science, mathematics and humanities, the Division of Research and Development in Information Science is striving to offer large corpus analysis tools including Arabic language, using techniques of Automatic Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. The division also proposes mathematic models for the evaluation of information and modeling digital uses, along with a national approach of STI strategic intelligence, conducting reflections on open access, new business models and the legal framework of STI and ICT.

Research areas

  • Natural Languages Processing.
  • Knowledge representation, standards and metadata.
  • Digital Humanities.
  • Mathematics of Information.
  • Semantic Web.
  • Open access and new modes of information production.
  • ICT law and socio-economics.



Arabic language technologies - Web Technologies 2.O - Ontology Development - Standards of Semantic Web - Library Platforms - Programming languages (Java ,Python, ...) – Scientific and technological monitoring - Bibliometrics - Infometrics - Cybermetrics - Intellectual Property Law - Legal framework of cybercrime - Legal framework for the protection of electronic transactions.

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