The division of multimedia and information systems is a division of research and development. In the terms of research, the division is responsible for conducting projects on information modeling, information structuring, information management methods, and means to be implemented to manage information (information retrieval, storage…)

In the terms of development, we design IT projects integrating multimedia information, to acquire, organize, manage, distribute and access to multimedia type of information in information systems. The division also elaborates the design and implementation of information systems of decision aids for organizations using new sciences and management information technologies as well as studies, such as information technology master plans, specifications, IT audit and specific software development.

Research Areas

  • Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems
  • Business Process Management
  • Computing Services
  • Advanced Information Systems
  • Digital Document Engineering
  • Knowledge Management
  • Imaging and Augmented Reality


Formal Methods - Model Directed Engineering (MDE, MDA) - Multiagent Systems - Workflow- Groupware- Computing Services (Web services) - Information Retrieval -Multimedia Documents – Semantic Annotation- Image Processing - Data Mining - Webmining - Ontology- Advanced Information Systems - Context Environment- User- Collaborative Tagging - Autonomic Computing- Bio-inspired Approaches - Social Networks (Social Computing)

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