Technological advances in networking and e-infrastructures require in-depth follow-up and technological follow allowing the development of major projects of national importance and insuring scalability and openness to new communication and interconnection services of systems and networks.

The activities of the Division of Networks and Distributed Systems target to study, master and introduce technologies associated with e-infrastructures.

These e-infrastructures induce mastering of communication technologies and developing new application architectures such as CLOUD and GRID technologies wich aim to share resources in terms of computing power and storage.

These activities aim to establish e-infrastructures such as the Algerian Research Network (ARN) and the National Computing Grid “ DZ e-Science GRID” and to consolidate the skills and technological know-how.

Research areas 

  • Collaborative and Integrated Systems;
  • Network infrastructure and grid computing technologies;
  • Web Services and Content Management Technologies;
  • Distributed applications on computing grids and cloud applications;
  • Security of communication networks and network services
  • Distributed applications programming;
  • E-services development systems technology.

Infrastructures and Services 

The National Register of Internet (

The National Register of Internet Domain

Algerian Research Network (ARN) (

The national infrastructure for grid computing « DZ e-Science GRID » (

The certification authority for GRID services « DZ e-Science CA » (

The infrastructure of Wissal Internet Services «Wissal» (

The certification authority for Internet services « DZ Wissal CA » (

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