The Ecole Militaire Polytechnique - Chahid Abderrahmane Taleb (EMP) organizes the sixth edition of the Computing Systems and Applications (CSA) conference that will take place from April 23 through April 24, 2024. The conference is open for researchers, academics and industry practitioners interested in the latest scientific and technological advances occurring in different fields of Computer Science. CSA constitutes a leading venue for students, researchers, academics and industrials to share their new ideas, original research findings and practical experiences across all Computer Science disciplines.

CSA 2024 will be held in the Ecole Militaire Polytechnique - Chahid Abderrahmane Taleb (EMP) located in Borj El Bahri, Algiers.

The highlights of the conference include:

  • Keynotes by first-class researchers;
  • Public tutorials on different IT topics;
  • Demos/Exhibitions covering a wide range of topics in the field of IT;
  • Best paper and best student paper awards.

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