NLP Challenge 2022
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is at the core of most information processing tasks.
With a long history in computer science, it has always been a central discipline of Artificial Intelligence. Recently, with the availability of data and the development of processing technologies (such as GPUs, TPUs, ...), we witness a great increasing success
of machine and deep learning algorithms, which has marked the renewal of AI and opened its new era.
The success of deep learning algorithms in general and transformers in particular has greatly boosted NLP tasks and changed the landscape of the field which has never been
as fruitful as today, both in the monolingual and the multilingual dimension.
In this context, CERIST proposes this NLP challenge to students and teams to solve some hot topic specific tasks. These tasks deal with scientific information and social networks information, we'll provide training and test datasets and we expect from teams to propose
deep learning approaches to solve the tasks. Tasks are described below and people may register on: .
Task1: Opinion mining and Sentiment Analysis.
task1.a. Arabic Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining in book reviews.
task1.b. Multilingual Sentiment Analysis in twitter (with Arabic).
task1.c. Arabic sentiment analysis and fake news detection within covid-19.
task1.d. Arabic hate speech and offensive language detection on social networks
Task2: Information Retrieval
task2.a. Scientific paper classification. - English (monolingual). - Arabic
task2.b. Covid-19 literature classification.
task2.c. Automatic text summarization (Arabic and English)
task2.d. Covid- 19 Information Retrieval.
Dates :
Deadline for team registration: August 15th, 2022.
Data availability: July 31th, 2022.
Deadline for project and paper submission: October 20th, 2022.
Contact: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Tel: +21323255404