Quarterly News report  3 – September 2010

File : University Libraries in the National System of Scientific and Technical Information


For several decades, the world has experienced major changes characterized by a tremendous development of knowledge induced by scientific and technological revolution, associated with an accelerated technological progress and new resources development. It is now recognized that information is one of the most important elements of these mutations by its intrinsic value, but also its economic and market value. "Its production and use are among the main features of the modern world." 1 It plays a major role in the progress of society and is essential to educational and academic activities, research and development, management, planning, decision making, etc. It offers in addition to its market extension, enormous opportunities and contributions including:

More opportunities for the country to benefit from the knowledge and the know-how gained elsewhere, allowing to rationalize and systematize efforts in research and development in the light of this knowledge and know-how;

A broader knowledge base with new alternatives and approaches to find  solutions to technical problems and faculties to minimize the scale of future problems;

Improved efficiency and productivity in technical activities of production and services sectors;

Free the country from excessive dependence  to foreign directed technologies;

Enable better decision-making in all sectors and at all levels of responsibility.

In the area of higher education and scientific research, information is the raw material for all quality teaching and research. It is also one of the main products of this sector. 

 However, the manipulation of information remains below expectations and requirements. The mobilization of all specialized structures in this field and skilled human resources in a collaborative approach is of vital importance to face the delay. The Jebu initiative is very commendable and responds effectively to this approach.

Jebu (Study Days on University Libraries) is an initiative of CERIST which was the starting point for a new dynamic of cooperation between the different actors of the sector (structures and skills) in view of the development of information and documentation system in the higher education and scientific research sector.


Research Associate - CERIST

Head of the Department of Scientific and Technical Information