With the experience capitalized in 2017 and the positive impact of the exhibition of research products, organized at Safex in May 2017, we are pleased to announce the renewal of this event for 2nd to 4th  July, 2018 on the eve of the celebration of the 56th  anniversary of independence. 

This second edition will consolidate the achievements of researchers in technological development and innovation, focusing on partnership activities with the industrial world. If the 2017 trade show brought together nearly 200 researchers with 300 products on display, we aim to reach 500 products and services in 2018 with the enhancement of the 100 best results of research productivity. All areas are concerned, including renewable energies, health, agri-food, electronics, informatics, materials, information technology, without forgetting innovations in social sciences, humanities and arts. Activities, science popularization spaces and competitions between young students from science clubs and startups will also be on the schedule.

Numerous steps are underway to raise awareness and involve actors of the socio-economic sector first in the applied research, then in the valorization of research products.

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