COVID-19: Algerian Science, Services and Solidarity in Combating the Pandemic To be held Virtually¬_CERIST Platform 16 May 2021

 Award Competition Call
To All Students, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Health and social workers & To all Do not miss to win a prize!

The 2021 Science Day Organized by The Algerian Scientists will be giving four prizes:

  1.  Award 1: To the best Scientific and Technological Work and/or Publication on COVID19 from any Algerian Institution, What are the prospects of your results in enhancing our fight against COVID 19 pandemic?
  2.  Award 2: To the best Health work or services that were carried out to help infected patients or limit the infection
  3. Award 3: To the best Social work or action that helped the Algerian during the pandemic
  4. Award 4: To the best Entrepreneurial project or startup that helped address a problem during the pandemic in Algeria
     Each Prize is 500 US dollars or more

To compete please send us details of:
•         What kind of work, efforts and/ project you did related to any of the prizes categories above.
•         How have your work / project helped to compete the COVID19 pandemic
•         What is the outcome your work/project and /or efforts
•         Who are the team members who worked with you?
•         Any other information .
 Please email us details to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Deadline to submit your application is 30 April 2021
 The full program of the Science day can be found on

 SPONSORING: If you want to sponsor one of the award, let us know

* Due to Ramadan on 16 April 2021, the event was delayed until 16 May 2021

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