Social computing is all about collective actions and information dissemination that are besides recommender systems, while cloud computing considers much more cross-small data centers flow. The main objective of the special session on Cloud-based Recommender Systems for Social Media (CRSSM 2017) is to examine the blend of social computing with cloud computing for recommending items. This blend should lead to Social Cloud Computing in the cloud. The session will be an opportunity for academic and industry researchers to discuss challenges and present solutions for recommender systems from the cloud to users/communities.

With the help of recommendation users, systems, etc. aim at predicting what can be better and is not yet considered when filtering information. Social Small Data Centers know about the interactions of users/communities, delegate their interactions when necessary on which items can be recommended. The sharing of resources or/and preferences between different parts of the Cloud can be a basis for recommending resources to some of them depending on the domain activity.

Especially, within the social recommendation resources such as web pages, web sites, news, people, communities, can be of a great interest and suggested to the user by the mean of social information. In a Cloud Computing environment we want to know what can be recommended in terms of resources, management, communities, infrastructure, services,…, and how? What are the challenges of social recommendation in the cloud? Moreover, we want to know how the cloud can be exploited for social media to recommend resources cited above.

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