Algeria is at a turning point in its economic strategy, which is oriented towards emerging models closely linked to globalization and underpinned by research and development, business competitiveness and innovation. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is in line with this dynamic by enhancing the value of products generated by research and encouraging promoters of innovative projects. In this frame, and on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of Knowledge 2017 "Youm El Ilm", the National Research Exhibition will be organized to bring together some 500 exhibitors and scientific animators at the SAFEX, under the theme of "Food Security and Good Being of the citizen ".

In order to succeed together in this important event, we call upon all the national competences of the research community as well as the socio-economic and cultural sectors. 

“Researchers, students, managers, sponsors, contractors, contact us! "

The poster of the event

Proposals forms for an innovative product exhibition to be submitted before February 02nd , 2017 by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.